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Graphtec FCX4000 Flatbed Cutter


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Graphtec FCX4000 Flatbed Cutter

Graphtec FCX2000 Flatbed Cutter


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Graphtec FCX4000 Flatbed Cutter


Graphtec FCX4000 Flatbed Cutter achieves high-quality cutting with improved quality and precision by improving sliding mechanism and driving device rigidity. It is the best flatbed style cutting plotter fitted with new functions, with high usability and productivity. Graphtec FCX4000 is an inexpensive cutting tool for on demand jobs with small to medium printing-using electrostatic to carry paper. For high productivity the 60ES model fits four A3 + sheets cleanly. The new control panel, 3.7 “LCD screen, and USB / barcode features make Operation intuitive. Full. Speed 29.5” / sec, 600 gf Max. Power.

High Precision & Performance

Professional flatbed cutting plotters (in a more compact size) able to process various materials with precision in compliance with most pattern-making requirements in industry. The Graphtec FCX4000 Flatbed Cutter is the perfect cutting plotter for high-precision and medium-heavy material crafts and is suitable for cutting complex designs on vinyl, photo-masking films, foam fabrics, cardboard, oil board and rubber resistant sandblasts. Suitable for PET (polyethylene terephthalate), polyamide, rigid paper, carton, microflute board or Industrial materials with precise adjustable cutting pressure of up to 600 gf.

Graphtec FCX4000 Flatbed Cutter

Dual Head Setup

Graphtec FCX4000 Flatbed Cutter comes as standard with a dual-head setup allowing simultaneous loading of pens, cutting tools and creasing equipment. A modern reverse creasing feature enables the reverse side of printed card stock to be aligned and creased to avoid signs of the creasing process from appearing on the printed surface. A simple function has been allowed to create fold lines for clean micro-flute and carton folding. One can choose up to three fold sections. When two or three fold lines are chosen, the spacing between the lines may be defined as well. For each line repeated creating operations can also be specified.

Dual Device Holder Carriage

Holds electrostatic media created by electrodes that are arranged inside the frame. The FCX4000 series has 2 device holder in the carriage. This process is ideal for cutting light weight materials.   In the same job, the use of 2 different tools increases the work efficiency.

Ideal for Designing & Prototyping

When using the registration marks, cutting and creasing may be done from the reverse side. It removes the presence of crease line on the printed paper. Graphtec FCX4000 Series is ideal for designers and prototyping in the fields of offset printing, digital printing, packaging, fashion, road sign production, stone & glass sandblasting / etching, electronic film industry and architectural model construction.

Sizes & Models

Graphtec FCX4000 Flatbed Cutter comes in 2 different table sizes.  The effective cutting area of the 50ES model is expanded for supporting 2 sheets of A3+ size, and the 60ES model supports 4 sheets of A3+ size.  It is more suitable in the use of post-processing of Print On Demand.

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