Summa SummaSign BELT X-MOTOR 110T-W=0.25-MB9124

Summa SummaSign BELT X-MOTOR 110T-W=0.25-MB9124SummaSign BELT X-MOTOR 110T,W=0.25-MB9124This BELT X-MOTOR 110T,W=0.25 is suitable for Summa SummaSign cutters. This is the original Summa part (number MB9124). This BELT X-MOTOR 110T,W=0.25 has a circumference of 223mm, it is 6mm wide.

Summa SummaSign BELT X-MOTOR 110T-W=0.25-MB9124

is Fully Compatible with:
Summa |DC3|DC4|SummaCut D120|SummaCut D120-R|SummaCut D120SE|SummaCut D140-R|SummaCut D140SE|SummaCut D60|SummaCut D75-R|SummaSign D1010|SummaSign D1010 PRO|SummaSign D1010SL|SummaSign D1300|SummaSign D1300 PRO|SummaSign D1400|SummaSign D1400 PRO|SummaSign D1400SL|SummaSign D1600SL|SummaSign D610|Summasign D610 PRO|SummaSign D750|SummaSign D750 PRO|SummaSign D750SL|SummaSign T750|SummaSign T750 PRO|SummaSign T750SL

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 5 in