The Complex Operation of a Printhead and Why Spectra Polaris Printhead is Best Choice

Spectra Polaris – Here, we will demonstrate below the operating system of a printhead and why Spectra Polaris Printhead is the best choice among printheads.

Spectra Polaris

The printhead is the element responsible for “applying” the ink to the substrate to be printed.It is the exit (final) and direction-channel of the ink droplets that form the impression (images and letters). It is critical to your print quality, speed, and definition

Contrary to popular belief and some technicians claim, the printheads do not work with ink pressurization. There is no pump or compressor that performs this ink boosting process on the printer. Its operation is directly linked to 3 factors: Physical, Mechanical and Electrical.

Every Piezoelectric printhead (about 95% of those available on the market) has the same principle of operation.

Read carefully what we will explain below:

Processes performed by a printhead during operation

Ink admission

This physical ink feeding process is only possible due to a phenomenon known as capillarity.

In the first stage, the ink stores in a micro space called the storage chamber. This space acts as a pre-feed tank before channeling ink to the trigger and boost chamber.

When ink reaches the printhead, it absorbs and evenly distributes over print media.The Spectra Polaris Printhead series is widely used in UV Printers and it has been one of the most successful printheads on the UV Ink field.

Ink boost

This process relies on highly accurate mechanical and electrical actions. Here, the ink passes from the storage
chamber to the blast chamber.

The electrical impulses (thousands of times per second (kHz) cause several mechanical movements. Accordingly, it deforms the electrodes (piezoelectric crystals) on a nanometer scale.

As a consequence of these electrical impulses, the piezo crystals undergo deformation (lengthening and then returning to normal).

These back and forth micro motions perform the suction and thrust of the ink. They also ensure feedback of the intake chambers and expelling the ink droplets for the substrate to be printed.

The droplets of ink together form the prints of images and letters, colored or not. These ink droplets have the picoliter (millionth part of a liter) as their unit of measurement.

So, the heads rate according to different picoliter classes. Moreover, it also influences their resolution and ink deposition on the substrate.

The picoliters directly influence the definition (quality) of the print. The smaller the droplet means the higher the resolution.

Spectra Polaris – Speed vs Resolution

How the resolution/print speed determined is: Let’s take as an example the Spectra Polaris Printhead PQ-512/15 AAA.

This model should be interpreted as follows: the number “512” represents 512 output nozzles. This number of nozzles determines the print speed. While the number “15” means 15 picoliters (ink droplet size produced).

Finally, the resolution 800dpi (dots per inch) means that in one square inch it deposits 800 droplets of ink.

Want to buy high-quality Spectra printhead?

Spectra Polaris Printhead can offer a maximum of 800 dpi resolution with 30 kHz firing frequency.

With that, it offers the most optimal performance for not only small printing establishment but also for large scale printing establishment. Don’t hesitate to order Spectra Polaris Printhead for your Spectra large format printer. This resolution is considered to be excellent in the digital environment. So, if you still have questions about its operations please contact us.

Fujifilm Develops Spectra Polaris Printheads for the following printer manufacturers: DilliTeckwin among others.

Spectra Polaris 512/15 is compatible with a wide range of UV Printer Models:



Anhui Liyu CET Color Dilli Flora Lynx
·       Innova PS ·       X-Press 500 ·       Neo UV-LED Flatbed ·       LJ3204P ·       320PQ
Infiniti ·       X-Press X1000 Eurotech ·       LJ3208P Teckwin
·       Fina250Q ·       X-Press X1000hl ·       Aslan Gongzheng  ·       TeckStorm TS300
·       Fina320Q ·       X-Press X500 ·       Leo ·       GZCK 3212 AK ·       TeckStorm TS600
Rodin ·       X-Press X500h ·       Lion ·       Polaris PQ-512/15 ·       TeckUV 3200SR
·       P9320-B Wit-Color   Truepress ·       TeckStorm TS600
  ·       Ultra 4000-3304   ·       Jet W3200UV ·       TeckUV 3200SR
  Ultra 4000-3308