Tips to Avoid Printhead Clogging and Why Spectra Galaxy Printhead is a Longlasting Printhead

Know the key reasons why the printheads clog during the printing process. Also, learn why Spectra Galaxy is an alternative high-quality printhead.

Spectra Galaxy
Spectra Galaxy

It is very common to have printheads clogging or failing throughout use, regardless of the make or model used.

Several reasons can lead to these failures. Here, we will highlight the most important reasons.

These are, for example, temperature, the relative humidity of the air, stationary printer, non-original inks, lack of preventive maintenance, among other factors.

Spectra Galaxy – Reasons and solutions of printhead clogging


Most inks used in digital printing dry by solvent evaporation. For this to occur in short, printers have heated tables to assist in this evaporation.

Never let the ink dry in the reservoir or inside the head. However, it is advisable to use air conditioning to keep the temperature below 25 degrees Celsius.

Relative Humidity of Air

The ink molecules have great interactivity with water at high humidity. So, this factor also has a great influence on the drying of inks.

To shorten the drying process, air conditioning also has a great contribution.

Stationary printer

This may be one of the most important factors, contrary to what everyone thinks that a printer the more it prints the better.

In other words, the more ink circulation in the head, the less clogging points will be created.

Non-original or Non-Approved ink

This factor can greatly contribute to printhead clogging. The ink composition must meet various quality criteria and the use of first-rate components.

The chemicals that compose them determine their durability, as well as clogging at an early stage. So, a good option is always to use the original inks.

Lack of preventive maintenance

It is not very daring but of great importance. It is advised that even before the head begins to show visible clogging (failures), it is important to change the capping, dampers and washing the pipes.

Most importantly, a specialized person should clean the print head regularly.

Want to get rid of these issues? Buy high-quality Spectra printhead

The Spectra Printheads have excellent construction and application of materials. Its sole manufacturer in the world is the Fujifilm

Fujifilm Develops Printheads under their brand Dimatix for the following printer manufacturers: Agfa, Aestrik, Buskro, Dilli, Dupont, Prismajet, Kornit, Teckwin and Vutek

So, it’s rest assured that there is no fake print head because it is a multinational giant. By strategic determination and logistics, they decide to produce these heads or their raw materials in different countries.

It could contribute to some difference in the look of these heads when compared to each other. But for the great quality control, FUJI has it would not affect in any way the functioning of these printheads.

Spectra Galaxy Printhead is one of the high-quality products of Fuji for large format printers.

It can receive a high load of PZT (piezoelectric) element Titanate Lead Zirconate in the order of milli-volts. Being positive and negative, it can perform very fast movement actions (contraction and repulsion).

With these movements, it expels the ink and feeds each other, performing this cycle thousands of times per second (Khz frequency).

Where, the large format printer needs regular cleaning of the parts, regardless of the make and model, the printhead also needs regular cleaning. Spectra Galaxy Printhead has industrial characteristics. It is made to work hard. Furthermore, after a long time of use, it can maintain good color definition and print quality.