Understand How the Printhead Affects the Quality and Why Spectra Nova Printhead is Most used Printhead in Solvent Printers

High-quality graphic materials need a good print head. Understand why Spectra Nova Printhead is most suited printhead for Spectra large format printer.

Spectra Nova Printhead – Replacing a printhead sometimes require to choose a lot of research and when is for a big printer it becomes costly.

Spectra Nova Printhead

In addition, choosing the right vendor for your printhead is critical. In order for everything to go according to your time constraints, it is very important that you evaluate different aspects such as: Delivery time, origin of the product and most importantly determine wether it is new or refurbished.

MSS Technologies specializes in offering a wide range of printer spare parts for all major brand digital inkjet printers, including Spectra Nova Printhead and all Spectra Printheads line

Digital printers: The importance of the printhead

With modern digital large format printers, the act of performing work in the visual communication field has gained new parameters.

The Spectra Printhead is mostly used in solvent ink printers models such as: DGI, Vutek, Agfa Anapurna, Kornit Thunder 932, HP Scitex, Mutoh and several others

Accuracy depends on the printhead

A good choice of printhead allows for vivid, more toned and sharp colors when it is printed on the media.

It is she who will make the text clear, without blurring or any other defect. These defects can undermine the work of the visual communication professional.

That is, choosing the right printhead throughout the process allows for greater than usual accuracy.

It makes this type of selection extremely important, especially in ultra-modern equipment that is increasingly common in the market.

Numerous materials

With years of experience in offering a wide range of large format printer spare parts, we offer numerous products related to other technologies.

Among the biggest requirements is the printhead that can act on different materials, making the work even more comprehensive.

The good choice of a printhead allows you to print on papers, fabrics, ceramics (such as cups and even tiles), among others.

So, when it comes to choosing the printhead and getting even more comprehensive and dynamic service, check out MSS Technologies!

Other Elements

Importantly, choosing a good print head is important, but, it is not enough for a complete, optimal job.

The printer itself, as well as all other components, and especially quality ink are elements that can make the professional’s work even more unique and first-rate.

Therefore, when choosing the print head, take the necessary precautions. Along with it, there come also other components that can highlight your work.

Want to replace your Spectra Nova Printhead?

Our company offers printheads, inks and large format printers of different brands. We cover different makes and models, such as Ricoh, Spectra, Epson, Konica, Seiko SPT and Xaar printheads.

It offers high-quality performance with several types of print material, for example, banner, folders, billboards, posters, among others. You can use to an industrial level without clogging or any failure. We offer everything so that your work with visual communication is like MSS Technologies – a leader in the market that operates. Know, check and prove!