Understand the Technology and Benefits of the Ricoh Gen4 Printhead

Learn about most advanced technologies used in printheads and why Ricoh Gen4 Printhead is an industry level printhead.

Ricoh launched its first large format printer, Pro T7210 in 2018.

Ricoh Gen4
Ricoh Gen4

The Micro Piezo technology hasn’t been only at the front of advances in Ricoh large format printhead technology.

It has set the standard for every other big name in the printing industry. This technology is unique to Epson.

We are going to introduce Ricoh Gen4 Printhead and give more detail about it. Check out.

Ricoh Gen4 Printer Compatibility:

Agfa Ampla Digital ATP Color Digitex Durst
Jeti 1224 UV HDC FTR Rio 8000 Hybrid DFP1320 G4 Gunsjet SF-1914 Omega 1
Jeti 3020 UV Titan FTRTarga XT 1804DFP1000 G4Gunsjet SR-1808Omega 2
Targa XT 1808DFP740 G4Gunsjet SR-2508
Targa XT 1816Gunsjet SR-3208
Targa XT 3204Gunsjet UF4547
Targa XT 3208
Targa XT 3216
DYSS DYSS DYSS Inkcups Mimaki
Apollo GF2616-08FApollo GF2616-16SRWRVApollo GH2200-08SR X2 UJF-3042
Apollo GF2616-10FFWApollo GH1600-08FApollo GH2200-10FMHelix
Apollo GF2616-10FRWApollo GH1600-08SFApollo GH2200-12S
Apollo GF2616-12FApollo GH1600-08SRApollo GH2200-16SFWFV
Apollo GF2616-12SApollo GH1600-10FMApollo GH2600-08F
Apollo GF2616-14SFWApollo GH1600-12SApollo GH2600-08SF
Apollo GF2616-14SRWApollo GH1600-12SFWFVApollo GH2600-08SR
Apollo GF2616-16FApollo GH2200-08FApollo GH2600-10FM
Apollo GF2616-16SFWFVApollo GH2200-08SFApollo GH2600-12S
Apollo GH2600-12SFWFV
Anajet CET Color Gandy Digital
mPower X-Press 500Q Domin8tor
MPower MP5iPred8tor
MPower MP10i


The process used in Micro Piezo technology allows precise ink drop control.

Its technology refinements allow the print head to deliver up to 5 different drop sizes, thus improving print quality.

A tiny chamber just behind the jet serves as a temporary reservoir of ink. A small electrical charge is applied and this reservoir bends move backwards. This movement pulls a small amount of ink that may vary with the applied charge.

When, another electrical charge is applied and the reservoir bends move forward, pushing the ink toward the paper.

The Ricoh GEN4 Printhead is compatible with different types of large format printers. It has integrated heating system and temperature sensor.

Quality speed

The GEN4 printhead has 2 x 192 nozzles. Ink droplets are projected through each injector at a rate of 30,000 times per second (up to 30 kHZ). It is enough to produce prints at high speeds.

The drop volume of this printhead is ranging from 5 to 25 pl.

However, it has incredible accuracy you can depend on it to produce accurate prints without sacrificing quality.

Sharpness and accuracy

The Micro Piezo technology uses piezo crystals that emit a pulse when the printer sends them electrical signals.

Ricoh GEN4 printhead has D33 Stacked PZT Piezo technology.

Thus, it has the ability to produce droplets with incredible consistency, both in size and shape, to produce sharp prints.

Produce sophisticated images

Using micro piezo technology is same as using the brush of different sizes to paint a canvas.

Larger dots are used to speed up solid-color zones, while smaller droplets can recreate fantastic details.

With D33 Stacked PZT technology of this printhead, you can truly reproduce the delicate changes between light and dark colors. So, you can combine them naturally and smoothly.

Quality X Quantity

Do not think that the more injectors the better the printhead.

This printhead has injectors of a defined size. So, it can deliver the high level of quality.

Longer life with least maintenance

Unlike thermal printers, this printhead is permanent and does not deteriorate.

You won’t have to be anxious about the budget to replace it or the hassle of putting one up.

Ink diversity

Using this head, it can take benefit of a much broad range of printer compatibility. It can be used with UV, solvent and water printers. It is recommended to use high quality inks such as Bordeaux Plasma UV Series

Last but not least, the D33 Stacked PZT, the Micropiezo technology of this printhead also contributes to reducing ink waste. It increases cartridge yield and lowers printing costs.

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